April 15

As a Boston Girl, today is a day that weighs heavy on my heart, so I would be remiss if I didn't post something. On this anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombings, I send out my love and thoughts to all affected by the events on April 15, 2013. While I did not have any... Continue Reading →

Follow-up to Monday’s Post

Good Morning! Just a brief note in follow-up to my most recent Music Monday post. Today on Facebook, More Magazine/Fitness Magazine Women's Half Marathon page posted a share from Fitness Magazine with Spotify playlists, including the "100 Top Workout Songs from Around the World." So I immediately went to my Spotify and followed that playlist... Continue Reading →

Gone are the Days of the Walkman

Listening to music or not, my songs for the perfect playlist just for fun, and by event. I've covered this so far on Music Monday, but what about how to find, gather and play the music? I am an iPhone user, so I used to use iTunes, It wasn't always best for finding new music,... Continue Reading →

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