April 15

As a Boston Girl, today is a day that weighs heavy on my heart, so I would be remiss if I didn’t post something. On this anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombings, I send out my love and thoughts to all affected by the events on April 15, 2013.

While I did not have any friends or family directly affected (aside from one friend running, but still a few miles from the finish), I ran through waves of emotions at what happened. As a Boston Girl, even if I don’t live there any more (like I say “Jersey in my heart, Boston in my blood”) this was my home. And as a runner, this was my community. Our friends and family come out to support us in our runs, they stand at the finish line, and even if it isn’t someone I know standing at the finish line, there are still people standing there cheering me, and all the runners, on.

I really have no more words. Tonight I am running with my local running store for a Boston Commemorative run. I am wearing my BAA Boston Half Marathon shirt which I got for running my 1st half marathon ever (can’t believe it was 2.5 years ago), and I am wearing my Boston Strong headband.

Boston in my Blood, and today on my sleeve.

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