Music Monday: Yogi Playlists

For the past few weeks my Music Monday posts have focused on music for my running, but what about yoga? Much like the debate of running purists who do not think that headphones should be worn during runs, there is a question about playing music in yoga. Me, I want music everywhere, so I love... Continue Reading →

ABC(s) with Elena Brower

While in the midst of my YTT, in addition to my course work and just taking classes at my "home" yoga studio (Devotion Yoga┬áin Hoboken) I will be going out to try other studios, classes and teachers. Last Saturday was my first weekend off, so I took advantage of getting into the city and taking... Continue Reading →

Music Monday – Run the World (Girls)

With less than 4 weeks until the More/Fitness/Shape Half, I started working on my playlist yesterday. It's a run in NYC so there will probably be some NY-themed music, but it's an all women's run, so I think I should have some girl band and girl power music. First up, "The Warrior" by Scandal. I've... Continue Reading →

A Furry Morning Surprise

(This post was from last Thursday, March 12) So this was an urban first this morning. I was out on my run, and it was still dark out (maybe it was around 6:30am) and pretty windy. I was on a walkway between two buildings and I see what I think is a plastic bag rolling... Continue Reading →

Upward Facing Dog

Last week was my first week of yoga teacher training (YTT) - and it has already been such an experience, which isn't really shocking in theory, but no matter how many times you hear that it will be, its hard to imagine until you're in it (and of course that goes for most things in... Continue Reading →

Music Monday: Child of the 80s

On my old running blog, I focused on music on Mondays. Music has always been a part of my life - listening and singing (I am still a singer and an avid music listener). I know that purist runners run without music, but it is such a part of my running experience. It's funny, the... Continue Reading →

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