Music Monday: Yogi Playlists

For the past few weeks my Music Monday posts have focused on music for my running, but what about yoga?

Much like the debate of running purists who do not think that headphones should be worn during runs, there is a question about playing music in yoga.

Me, I want music everywhere, so I love music in my practice. And I don’t confine it to what might be considered “traditional” yoga music. I have been to classes that incorporate modern music, even pop music, sometimes the whole class. Some might find music they know and can sing along to distracting, but to me it’s more like calming white noise, I can lose myself in a favorite song and then the pose. To me, if we’re holding a pose, if there is a song on, my mind may go to that and keep me a little more focused on being in the pose then with total quiet if the teacher isn’t guiding the pose. That’s not to say I am always focused (obviously) if I don’t know a song, I might actually spend a little more time listening to it which could take me out of the moment, but not so much that I wouldn’t want music there. And then of course there is the added awesomeness of live music like in the class I took with Elena Brower a few weeks ago – that took class music to an amazing new level I hadn’t experienced before.

So, yes I like music. As I find myself thinking about what I would add to music playlists for my class, I am still a little lost on what I would include. I am trying to make a list now if I hear a song, but I haven’t made one yet and tried to practice to it.

Do you listen to music in your yoga practice? What type of music, or even what particular song do you like? Do you like when a teacher plays music, or would you prefer the silence?

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