Gone are the Days of the Walkman

Listening to music or not, my songs for the perfect playlist just for fun, and by event. I’ve covered this so far on Music Monday, but what about how to find, gather and play the music?

I am an iPhone user, so I used to use iTunes, It wasn’t always best for finding new music, I made my playlists with it, but I had to know the songs I was looking for. I used Pandora, and liked finding playlists, and hearing new stuff. Sometime I would put it on while running, but not consistently since I wasn’t making my own lists. Then I started actively using Spotify. I have to say that I am a big fan of it. I can find specific songs I want to make my playlists, and listen to other lists to get ideas. While I was training for the NYC Marathon I would listen to already made lists, including some people’s training mixes to build my library of ideas.

I haven’t made a yoga mix yet, but I will. And I’m working on my More/Fitness/Shape Half list right now.

— SIDENOTE: A helpful reminder, make your list available offline. I had a near panic during the TCS NYC Marathon when I couldn’t get my playlist to play. I worried that I would not have my motivation for 26.2 miles. But soon enough after my start, I finally got it up and running. —

This morning on Hoboken GIrl’s site, there was a post about 8tracks, (I had never heard of it) she posted a running mix, so I will certainly be checking that out. Then of course there is Beats Music, and Jay-Z’s new service Tidal. Have you used any other music sharing services? What did you think? What do you use for your music?

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