ABC(s) with Elena Brower

While in the midst of my YTT, in addition to my course work and just taking classes at my “home” yoga studio (Devotion Yoga in Hoboken) I will be going out to try other studios, classes and teachers. Last Saturday was my first weekend off, so I took advantage of getting into the city and taking a class with Elena Brower at ABC Home and Carpet.

Now before taking this class, I was quite familiar with ABC, it is just such a wonderland to the eyes, I love wandering through there, even if only on the 1st floor – pillows, jewelry and cute decoration things, can you blame me?! So, when I was on Elena’s site and saw that she has a class on Saturday’s at ABC, I was sure what to expect. Would we be out in the open doing our yoga and meditation while people browsed on their way to brunch? I didn’t have a problem with that, I figured it might help be learn to focus beyond distractions while meditating.

Turns out I was so wrong. The class was in a beautiful room on the Mezzanine level. Right upon walking in, I was greeted and checked in (have your confirmation ready to show). Mats are already laid out on the floor, and there is a lot of activity of people greeting each other, settling in, typical class stuff. There is a room to put your bags and coat, and on your way out don’t forget to grab a beautiful pillow to sit on for meditation (I fell in love with my pink satin pillow and now think I need one to keep by my alter for my home practice) and there are blocks in there too if you need them to help assist you in poses.

In the practice room, there is artwork on the walls, vases of flowers, all sorts of inviting things.

The mats are set up with 6 rows split 3 and 3 facing each other, and a space for Elena in the center. But the class doesn’t just feature Elena, there is a live musician Max ZT, playing the Hammered Dulcimer. The whole class, all 1.5 hours of it, was a wonderful experience. The asana practice was a flow class, moving through the sun salutations you are familiar with, but then she upped it a level by having us incorporate changing up the legs and crossing them. I was so into my self and working on my poses, I often forgot that Max was there playing, hat when the sound bubbled in my head I felt badly I wasn’t focusing on this beautiful playing. Once we were chanting and meditating, Max matched out pace that I really felt the chant rise in me.

It was magical, I will definitely be back.

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  1. So glad you’ve made it over, and looking forward to welcoming you again… Say hi next time!!! Thanks so much Tam!


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