Music Monday – Run the World (Girls)

With less than 4 weeks until the More/Fitness/Shape Half, I started working on my playlist yesterday. It’s a run in NYC so there will probably be some NY-themed music, but it’s an all women’s run, so I think I should have some girl band and girl power music. First up, “The Warrior” by Scandal. I’ve had that on other mixes before and it’s a great 80s anthem. Another anthem for this child of the 80s? Cindy Lauper’s “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” of course. And lots of women running in Central Park this April will be fun. This list is still a major work in progress, but what girl power mix doesn’t have a little Beyoncé and “Run the World (Girls).” Are you running this race? What is on your playlist? Or what would you add to a girl power mix?

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