Music Monday – Play(list) It Again

My “running season” starts in 5 weeks with my 1st Half of 2015, More Fitness Shape Women’s Half, and while I was on my long training run this weekend it struck me that I have to start my playlist for the Half. Even though I have a great training music mix, I like to create a mix specific to halfs and marathons, it goes back to having songs that bring me back to that moment. Aside from my current favorite songs, I usually try and add some songs that could relate to the run, or the location of where the run is. For the Boston Half “I’m Shipping Up to Boston“by the Dropkick Murphys, the Philly Marathon I had some Rocky songs, and Philly natives Will Smith and DJ Jazzy Jeff’s “Parents Just Don’t Understand,” the Brooklyn Half, come on you now it was Beastie Boys “No Sleep Till Brooklyn,” while the NYC Marathon had lots of NYC centric music.

I’m not sure what this Half’s list will include. A lot of my favorite, uplifting songs on my current mix because I have to get through the Harlem Hills, twice, and probably Kiss’ “New York Groove” because not only is it NY, but because that was one of my NYC Marathon theme songs, and I will use it to bring me back to that great day as I push on for another great day of running in NYC.

Do you make race specific playlists? What are some of your favorite songs on your playlist right now?

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