A Furry Morning Surprise

(This post was from last Thursday, March 12)

So this was an urban first this morning. I was out on my run, and it was still dark out (maybe it was around 6:30am) and pretty windy. I was on a walkway between two buildings and I see what I think is a plastic bag rolling toward me, but as I was trying to process it, this “bag” really seemed to be moving on a path with purpose. Well as I got closer I realized this “bag” was actually a skunk! Now please go back to a few sentences ago when I mentioned this was between two buildings, not a trail, or even a suburban neighborhood – this was in the “wilds” of Hoboken heading towards the waterfront. As you can imagine, it was certainly unexpected. I won’t lie, I may have let out a little streak and ran the other way. This wasn’t even the only furry friend this morning. As I made it to the waterfront, I see a black cat, I told him to stay put as I ran past.

I’m early morning runner, and have seen an opossum once (I seriously thought it was a big rat at first), and while I was leery about running past it, I did. There is also a rare bunny, and when I’m in the burbs more bunnies and deer (and maybe a skunk from a distance, I feel like maybe in Cape May or the burbs but I’m not 100% certain) and when out in New Mexico last summer I saw prairie dogs! One of the great things about running outside is all the different things to see, but this skunk this morning?! I was not that excited about seeing it running towards me (or to be fair, probably just the direction I was coming from, not a specific charge towards me). Truth be told, not sure how he felt about me running towards him.

So now on my early morning runs I’ll have to add skunk to the list of things to keep an eye out for.

How about you? What is the “wildest” wildlife you have seen while out for a run?

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