Music Monday – You Always Remember Your First Time

As a runner who runs to music, so many of my “running moments” are marked by the music playing while the moment is happening. When I hear the song again – whether running or not, I am often taken back to that moment. The first time I ever ran a mile (it was on a treadmill, but still) I was listening to the “Points of Authority/99 Problems/One Step Closer” mash-up. For many runs after that I felt I needed to have that song on to push to make a mile. Coming up to the finish of my first Half Marathon (the Boston Half in 2012) was Boston’s “More Than a Feeling” – that wasn’t even planned but really, it’s so perfect isn’t it? First Marathon (Philly Marathon in 2013)? It was “The Monster.

I never make a set playlist, timing out song with specific BPMs to match when I might need them on my run – I shuffle and let fate take its course. I like the surprise, and now I like that these songs mean something more to me, and when I hear them outside my running playlists, it’s like a little reminder of something very special – just for me.

Do you remember your “first” songs? Or is there a song you need to get you through that run, tough workout – whatever?

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