Upward Facing Dog

Last week was my first week of yoga teacher training (YTT) – and it has already been such an experience, which isn’t really shocking in theory, but no matter how many times you hear that it will be, its hard to imagine until you’re in it (and of course that goes for most things in life). Of course YTT is not just about the class work and lessons but what you take outside of the class, like a home practice. Back in the day I had a home practice that was watching a VHS tape in my bedroom where I could close the door. So this week when we discussed creating our home practice, I was excited to create a solid plan and implement it. One thing, the area that I wanted to do this would be in my living room, which is a nice open space, but lacks me closing myself in a room.

Now why would I think about being closed off in the house?

Because I have a nearly 2 year old mischievous Morkie named Sonny who is very nosy, and lacks understanding anything about personal space.

But committing to my home practice, on Sunday I put my plan into action – including starting and ending with Om. Now while going through my practice Sonny was interested in what I was doing, walking and sniffing around me, getting a little in the way, and even leaving his best stuffed friend “Lamby” right next to me as he left me to do whatever else he does around the house (explore and sleep usually). All this was fine, and better than expected (I envisioned him jumping on my back while in chaturanga), so while I was closing my practice with Om, Sonny did something I didn’t expect – he got on his back legs and put his paws on my chest, feeling the vibrations. I thought it was so sweet, and really not unlike him (he has a strong interest in music, just like me) since he is so curious. And what better way to participate in a yoga practice then experiencing Om.

How about you? Do you have a home practice?

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