Music Monday: Child of the 80s

On my old running blog, I focused on music on Mondays. Music has always been a part of my life – listening and singing (I am still a singer and an avid music listener). I know that purist runners run without music, but it is such a part of my running experience. It’s funny, the music on my playlists becomes such a part of my running experience that when I the song outside of running I either get pumped up or think that I really should have gone for a run today. Is there a Pavlovian running syndrome?

Sunday I finally got back to my training back on track by getting a long run in – and now that I see how my YTT is going, I think I can get back on my training program schedule for my half marathon in April. I got 8 miles in on the Hudson waterfront before the snow came in. I love having such an amazing pathway with spectacular views. While I was running, a song came up on my Spotify and I knew I had to share. As a child of the 80s, there are certain songs and music that will forever be identified with my childhood and Footloose (the Kevin Bacon one – which pains me to even have to write that) is one of them. And certainly I like the music, but it wasn’t anything that I thought about while making my NYC Marathon 2014 training playlist, until I stumbled on it while actually looking for music from Top Gun (like I said, child of the 80s). Kenny Loggins’ song “I’m Free.” I had sort of forgotten about it, but whenever I hear it I like it, so I added it and the first time it came up while running I was wondering where it was all my running life. It is so fabulously 80s – chipper, exhilarating and such fun – and running should be fun (even when it’s not).

So if you’re working on your playlists for the year (like maybe a NYC Marathon 2015 training list, which I am hoping I will need to do, fingers crossed for tomorrow), and you’re of a certain age add some Kenny Loggins!

What about you – what music gets you moving while bringing you happy thoughts? Share with me here!

* Just a note, if you’re a Facebook person (and who isn’t) I hope you will follow along with me there as well!

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