How Do You Hydrate

Staying hydrated is one of the key components to a healthy life, right? And when you go to any yoga, pilates, spin, HIIT (you get the idea) class bringing your water bottle is as important as that extra hair tie around your wrist, right? Do you grab any plastic/giveaway bottle in your cabinet, or do... Continue Reading →

The Process, Stored

Sunday I ran my first race of 2018 - and a Half at that. I love training (mostly). I mean, sometimes it's nice to not think about getting up early, or when I will get out running, a little vacay from it all feels good, but it's important to not settle in to that. And... Continue Reading →

Training to Train

Training for any upcoming race is one of my favorite parts of my running experience. Sure, I have now become in my mind an "actual" runner meaning that I will go out for a run even when I'm not in training, but just for the love of running, keeping up my fitness, to work off... Continue Reading →

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