How Do You Hydrate

Staying hydrated is one of the key components to a healthy life, right? And when you go to any yoga, pilates, spin, HIIT (you get the idea) class bringing your water bottle is as important as that extra hair tie around your wrist, right? Do you grab any plastic/giveaway bottle in your cabinet, or do you have a fancy bottle that you love.

I have so many bottles – including a BKR and a S’well. I love them both for different reasons. My BKR first off is so cute, it’s in my favorite light blue color and has stars on it – I mean how could I not love it. I like the glass – it’s easy and nice to drink out of it. But on the Cons side, it’s heavy and the drink gets up to room temperature pretty fast. Now my S’well bottles are light weight, and OMG they keep my refrigerator water cold ALL DAY! That should sway my feelings towards the S’well, right, but it doesn’t –  I do not like drinking from the metal like that. I can’t believe I used to drink down so many Diet Cokes straight out of the can.

I know this is hardly a problem in the grand scheme of life, but I do find I keep asking myself which of these bottle I like better. As the girl who likes what could be considered “the best” – why can’t I have a bottle that is a lightweight, but glass and keeps my water cold even during the heat of summer. That truly would be the best. And while we’re at it, maybe we could add a flip cap to make it easier to grab a sip while spinning – but could it be pale blue and have some stars too, please?! Am I asking too much?

I took a totally unscientific poll on Instagram and S’well edged out BKR by one vote. I sort of feel like you might be in one camp or the other, but me,  I just can’t decide.

How about you? Do you bring a water bottle out – and if you do, what type is it?

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