Birthdays Are the Time for Resolutions

OK, I know, it’s been a few weeks since my last post. I don’t have a great excuse, and that’s ok. I’m sorry if you missed me but I’m back.

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook (which I hope you do), you may know that it was my birthday on Monday. And not just any birthday, but a big one… 40! I can’t say I set a lot of hardline goals for myself for my 30s (at least not at the start, but as I found new avenues that I wanted to pursue throughout the decade I certainly have because I am a goal-oriented person), and I have to say I am very comfortable where I am. I can also say that when I turned 30, I could not have seen me running a mile – let alone 2 marathons, in my 30s, and wouldn’t have expected that I would be nearly completed with yoga teacher training. But I also see that I do have a lot more goals, plans and dreams for what is next.

My 30s where great, and honestly were a time of discovery of who I am. I may never have all the answers, but I feel like I’m on my true path, and am so excited to see where it will lead this decade. I feel comfortable in my skin, and am so happy with what my body can do running, yoga and fitness-wise.

On that note, in the time before my birthday I have been thinking about this blog and know that as I continue down my path I want to share it with you even more than I already do – and so I will commit to more blog posts (I am working on my calendar and upcoming post ideas now). My posts will not just include these type of musings (exclusively, I will also muse with you), but thoughts and reviews of classes I take, or routes I run in places besides my home base. And also thoughts on gear, training (Philly Marathon training starts in a few weeks), trends and probably just some random things because I also have a love of travel, fashion, food/cooking and reading, so you’ll be seeing some of that here too.

Me, and my blog, will be all about evolution in this new decade. Thanks for following along so far, and I can wait to share more with you. And don’t forget – I love when you share your thoughts and ideas with me, so please do!

(This pic was actually taken on my last day of being 39, but since Versailles was closed on Mondays, I took a few liberties and wore my 40 tiara a day early, because of course you should wear a tiara at Versailles.)

(This one was on my actual birthday.)

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