Upward Facing Dog

Last week was my first week of yoga teacher training (YTT) - and it has already been such an experience, which isn't really shocking in theory, but no matter how many times you hear that it will be, its hard to imagine until you're in it (and of course that goes for most things in... Continue Reading →

Music Monday: Child of the 80s

On my old running blog, I focused on music on Mondays. Music has always been a part of my life - listening and singing (I am still a singer and an avid music listener). I know that purist runners run without music, but it is such a part of my running experience. It's funny, the... Continue Reading →

Welcome to My Journey

Tonight I begin my 200 hour yoga teacher training. I am looking forward to this journey and sharing it with you here and I hope you will follow along too. But this blog won't be just about yoga, I am also a runner and in the middle of training for my next Half-Marathon, The More-Fitness... Continue Reading →

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