Music Monday – Rocking to Rocky

Hey All! Sorry it’s been a bit since the last post, if you follow me on Instagram (@TamTurse, I’m a freelance photog so my pics aren’t all running or yoga focused, but I do get some nice pics while running so come follow along… sorry, I digress) then you probably know I was on the West Coast for a few days (I can’t wait to tell you about a wonderful group of women I worked out with while I was there — post coming soon).

But now I’m back and back in business, and today’s Music Monday topic, Rocky (and all its sequel spawns).

Regardless of what side of the ring you stood on for Saturday’s fight, I am sure nearly everyone can agree that Rocky is a great story of athletic triumph. And for me, a lot of that feeling of extra motivation comes from its fantastic soundtrack. When you need some motivation to move in the gym, or on the pavement, or wherever, who isn’t listening to a song from the Rocky soundtracks (and I’m including all the Rocky movies here, not just Rocky). I mean everyone knows their focus will increase tenfold with some “Eye of the Tiger” on, right?!

So what’s your go-to Rocky soundtrack song?

Me, hands down “No Easy Way Out” by Robert Tepper. That song is on all my running and race mixes, often more than once. If you can’t find a little extra something in your tank when that comes on, I don’t know what to say, maybe you’re like Pauly’s birthday robot.

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