Musings on a Marathon Manicure

Days, I am days away from the Philadelphia Marathon. It’s so close I logged my last long taper run today with 8 miles in the book. It wasn’t the best run, but that’s ok.

Now if you follow me on Instagram (@TamTurse) you see that I am a bit of a girly girl (did you see my post yesterday in plaid and pearls, yes I’m that girl), but trust me, I’m a bad ass when I need to be. With being a girly girl, I do pay attention to my hands (“mother always said you could tell a Lady by her hands“), and especially my nails. So today I went for a manicure, one that will last me through race day. I found myself in a real quandary in trying to pick out a color. Yes, I realize that it’s not a major life-death decision, but I was putting a lot of thought into a color. See, I’m wearing a green shirt and sneakers, but didn’t want to do green (I do have to wear this color to more than just the race, and I wasn’t really sold on any). I thought about purple because purple and green are #TeamGlam’s colors, but I wasn’t feeling it. I wanted a good mix of showy, and temperate enough to be fall appropriate for the next 2 weeks. Yes, yes, I know waaaaaaaay too much thought.

In the end I settled on a color I have gotten before, and really like “Safety Pin.” It’s sparkly, but in a cool rose goldish hue, not like a safety pin, but I still LOVE it (to know me is to know I have a love of rose gold). So it looks like a marathon medal on my nails, but also not so blingy or crazy that I may blind my students in class this week.

Happy with my decision, I was going to settle in to reading my book so I’m done before Monday’s book club discussion and it hit me – there is nothing more appropriate for a marathon race nail color than one called “Safety Pin” because there may be nothing that denotes a runner more than the amount of safety pins you find you’ve wound up with. I love those pins – I may not always take them anymore since I do have so many and I don’t want to be wasteful, but wow seeing my collection, and knowing where they came from, it makes them more than just any old pin.

So now I think I’ve found my forever Marathon Mani color. But about that sneaker color…..


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