Is There Anything Better Than Training if You’re Type A?!

On Monday I began my training for the Philadelphia Marathon. I sort of look at it as my New Year, I set intentions, make a plan and on the start of training day I find myself making personal changes (hopefully for the better) to my daily life. I have been trying for at least one day a week red meat free, and work towards that for many meals, with many more having fish if I am having “meat.” I’m trying to drink more water, adding coconut water to my daily hydration (I put about 4oz of Bai5 Molokai Coconut in my big water container, I think it’s a 24 oz.).

Even if it’s only a few days into Week 1, I’m happy with these positive steps.

I use Hal Higdon’s training plan, and this time I’m using Novice 2 (since I’m going on my 3rd marathon, I probably shouldn’t consider myself Novice 1 anymore). I am also trying to commit to 2-3 yoga classes in the studio a week (and since this is my “New Year” I am working on really getting my home practice in shape). And I also am going to try and make it to one cross training type class, old other fitness class, a week. I am excited to see how these additional fitness plans will impact my training. Being Type A, goal-oriented I am already seeing a change in my running just for the fact that this running is for training, as opposed to my previous running to get out and run. I am less easy on myself, and I also am setting alarms even on a day off so I can be out the door and on a schedule.

So now that training has begun, I’ll be posting a recap at the end of the week with how it went, and of course my photos (if you aren’t following me on Instagram, I hope you will @tamturse – I post a photo from each training run).

On the subject of marathons, I am so excited to report that this year I will be one of the lucky volunteers who will be distributing Finisher Medals at the TCS NYC Marathon. I can’t wait!! (I also can’t wait too finish up my 9 + 1 this August to be qualified for NYC 2016!)

How about you? Are you in the midst of training right now? What are you plans, and how is it going?

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