No Excuses – Just Moving Forward

Hi! Yes, it’s me – I am still here, still teaching yoga, still running and yes finally again – still blogging. I can’t believe how long it’s been since I wrote. I wish I had some great excuse (maybe even a not great one), but I don’t. I can only say that today I am starting fresh and rededicating myself to keeping up the blog again. Sharing my yoga and teaching journey, and my running journey – which right now is also a little off. I am training for the Brooklyn Half but seem to only get in 3 training runs a week (and for awhile even 3 a week weren’t happening). But in addition to the running, I am doing a lot of yoga (teaching and taking classes) and also adding in cross-training and spin (more on that in some future posts). I feel that it’s all good (I guess we’ll see on May 21).

So thanks for sticking with me, and I look forward to sharing lots of fun things with you about yoga, running and life – like my smoothie making and meditation adventures (both of which I haven’t started yet – but I have a NutriBullet and a meditation pillow… now to use them both…).

Happy Spring looking forward to sharing with you, and having you share your thoughts and journey with me!

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