Music (Motivation) Monday

I like music on my runs, I have certainly not been shy in talking about that. I know for many it’s taboo. It’s not like I have a specific playlist order that needs to play at a specific time to get me through a mile marker, etc. In fact, I love the disorder of Shuffle, but I appreciate the background noise that seems to turn up, or tune up, my mind when I need it most.
I still haven’t finished my spring training playlist so my runs are currently DJ’ed by my 2016 NYC Marathon playlist. There are some songs that I’m over, so I skip, some that remind me of the person who suggested it, and many of the songs I can remember where I was when I heard it – because I probably needed it at the time (thanks MR and Pressure that came around Mile 21). My current favorite song that when I hear makes me so happy is My Chemical Romance’s “Welcome to the Black Parade” (which I was super disappointed it didn’t come up during my 8 mile run this weekend). I still clearly remember the overwhelming feeling I had in my heart as that song came on as I was running up towards Mile 8 – there are so many people lining the street, you come up on the Williamsburg Savings Bank Tower, the pounding of the music. OMG – it still gets me just thinking about it. I even tried to video it, but my video skills weren’t that great while running a marathon (maybe a GoPro next time, or maybe next time I focus on my running). But that to me is one of those “marathon” moments, whether or not I keep all my medals (yeah, I probably will). I will always have that moment. So thanks to My Chemical Romance, Spotify Shuffle and most especially thanks to those people who stood out on that lovely Sunday late morning to cheer for 1 friend and 49,999 random people – you are the best (xoxo).

So on Music (Motivation) Monday I give you this song, throw it on your running playlist and feel lime you’re in your own movie, and that pivotal montage is happening. 

What’s your “gets your every time” song?

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