Back on Track After the Train(ing) was Derailed

If this had been two marathon trainings ago, I am not sure how confident I would be feeling right now.

This past weekend I finished Week 7 of my marathon training with a 14 mile long run (that went well, thank you very much) – but those miles were not paved with weeks of previous miles. Week 5 and Week 6 I did not run my long runs (in fact for Week 6 I only ran twice that week) because my energy was needed to focus on my family. But being a consistent running, trying to get in runs even in my “off” season when I am not training for a specific race, and knowing what to expect from myself in a marathon – made me not even give much thought at all to having to miss those miles, and jump right back in where I left off.

So yes, Week 7 did go well and I felt great for my 14 (thanks in part to a drop in the humidity). Having the experience of other marathons under my belt makes me realize that I do love the training, but I have it in me to dig deep and even if I need to miss some of the training I can get myself back at it.  If only every run could be humidity-free, that would be even better!

Using Hal Higdon’s Novice 2 marathon training guide, all miles are upped – 4, 7, 4, 14 – so in Week 7 I ran a total of 29 miles. I’m glad to be back at the miles, and I am so happy to stretch my legs, feeling strong and healthy makes me so happy. I try and remember that and be thankful for every run (and my gorgeous skyline path views are something else to be very thankful for).

If you’re a morning runner like me, have you noticed how late it is until the sun comes up. Winter is coming (OK that’s a little early, Fall is Coming, but who doesn’t love a GOT reference… well maybe that line is played out… sorry, I digress). But, my real question is – how do you comeback after a setback or delay in your training?

Week 7

Here’s a look at my Week 7 runs.

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