Miles Creeping Up: Week 4 Training Recap

Last week the miles went down, and so did my running time (yay PR), so as I came into Week 4, with its increase of miles (and temps here in the Metro NYC area), I wasn’t sure how it would go given my long run struggle on Week 2. Good planning, and getting out early helped this week, and upping to 6 miles for a mid-week run, and then up to 11 for a long run went as well as I could hope.

On Sunday I completed my long run, getting up early, eating well, without eating too much and trying to do other things before rushing out. The only thing I need to do differently is bring more water. It was my first run in quite a while using my fuel belt, but only brought 2 of the 3 bottles (one with water, one with a G2 / water mix). My pre-run breakfast is an english muffin with peanut butter (I use Whole Foods creamy) and a cup of coffee, then I have a pack of gel and water. While on my run I stopped for another gel at mile 7.

So mileage this past week was 3M, 6M, 3M, 11M for a total of 23M. In addition to my running I went out for some yoga classes (and taught one), and also made it to a circuit-style class. Which I think makes for some nice conditioning.

Here’s a look at “my running views” for Week 4.


How is your training going? What are you doing to help get through runs in heat?

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