And Just Like that, A PR – Week 3 Marathon Training Recap

In my post on Week 2’s training you may remember that I did not have a really good long run (9 miles) but I accepted and owned it. Even that early in the training process there will be ups and downs, and Week 3 we are up, or should I say down because on Thursday during the NYRR R_U_N_5K I PRed. I have been stuck at 8m57s for-eva, but now… 8m36s Baby! Yes, I know, running, especially my running where I will never have great times, I do run to finish not place, I shouldn’t be focused on time. But there is certainly a nice feeling to cut some time, especially when Week 2 wasn’t stellar. So, there’s that!

The week in general was pretty good. My knee had been hurting so I ran with some tape on it Tuesday and Wednesday, and in my short runs (those 3 milers) I have been trying to run straight through — except for a brief photo break, the things I do for you my loyal followers 😀 ! It was nice to have a step down week, my runs were 3M, 5M, 3M and 6M. I didn’t do any cross training during the week, but did make it to 2 yoga classes (including trying the new Sky Ting yoga studio, I will be writing about it soon for you), and also practiced my class that I then taught last Thursday.

So a good week, and a fast week (literally and figuratively). This week adds more miles on the mid and long runs, so hoping it all still goes well.

How is your training going?

Week 3Here’s a look at Week 3’s training runs.

And a pre-R_U_N_5K selfie!


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