Week 2 – When Running is Like My Yoga

So entering the second week of marathon training, it did not go as well as my first. As I’m sure I’ve mentioned before, I do not like running in the heat and last week it was extremely hot and humid on the East Coast, but it was ok, until my long run.

I went into the run all wrong, I was confidently thinking the run would go just fine since I had just run 9 miles the weekend before for my long run. And it may have, but I definitely didn’t have the best pre-run prep. I got up early to walk my doggie, but then decided to do all my other pre-long run prep in rapid succession (and added in my new morning routine of warm lemon water) with food, coffee and my Gu and then ran – in the heat. Not the best move. My run was slow, there were times I thought that maybe I should pack it in (at one point I even sat down). But I kept going, And did what a run is great for, clearing your mind and thinking. I thought about how it might not have been my best prep but I would learn. And the lesson that I have learned on my mat that I love, I took to my run – it’s my run, and mine alone, and every run won’t be like the last, and that’s ok, just be where I am now.

So I finished, not the best time, not my best day. But a good learning experience, and I will pull out my best Taylor Swift and “shake it off.” Here’s to this week and the rest of my training!

How’s your training going? And how do you move on from a bad run?

A look at my 4 runs this week.

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