Last week while I was up doing my Teaching Yoga to Athletes training at Kripalu – I thought not just about my yoga (and how inspired I was getting being around such great women and amazing learning) – but I also became inspired to revisit my own current sport of choice, running.

I brought my running gear up, my full cold weather contingent, including my new Pegasus Shields. But of course in the afternoon I was really up and excited to run, the weather suggested otherwise. So not knowing the the roads around Stockbridge and Lenox I scrapped the outdoor run and christened my Shields on the mill. Treadmill running is definitely not a great gauge of running, but it was certainly not my best run. I realized that I needed to get back on a good running schedule, but with so many other places I could also put my focus (more yoga, a barre class, spin) I knew what I had to do … sign up for a race that I need to train for. So as soon as I got back to my room I signed up for the Shape Half Marathon in April.

Once I got back home, I pulled out my daily planner (LOVE my Lilly P. 18-month planner, it’s so pretty) and laid out my training, including for at least the first week, which days I will plan to run. This will help keep me on track with my running, and my other classes and practices. So here we are in February and I am starting to get the rest of year in shape – at least the next six months or so, it feels great!

My next race is this Sunday, one of my favorites each year – the NYRR Gridiron 4M, made extra special his year because my Pat are in the Super Bowl! 

What’s your next scheduled race?

Poor Pegasus – 1st run was on the mill! :/

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