Making Changes

The New Year is the time to make new changes, right?
I am not jumping right in to a bunch of changes for the new year (obvi since January is almost over, right), but instead gradually coming to make some changes, set some goals and intentions for 2017.

One change. I am lucky to spend more time at home now, including having more meals at home – but I have gotten into a habit of dessert after a meal (lunch and dinner – but that doesn’t mean I haven’t ever had a breakfast dessert). So now in an effort to up my fruit intake, and limit sweets (especially processed ones) at lunch I have been trying to have a piece of fruit and a cup of tea. It’s going pretty well, even if there is a dessert or cookie around I don’t have it – although truth be told I also seem to find myself having a piece or two of chocolate maybe a little later – but it’s dark chocolate (OMG I love dark chocolate almond bark thins). Now that I am up here at Kripalu eating all this great food, but getting out of my usual patterns, I think maybe I will limit the chocolate, too. (But that being said, I got a baked apple with breakfast at Kripalu #breakfastdessert !)

Dinner dessert I am still having but I would like to bake more so I can control the ingredients and also rethink dessert so there is more fruit and less sugar. 

Speaking of my food changes, I have a goal of making more smoothies – I tried last year and had a good week of it, but want to get back to it. And even more eating at home. And not that I eat a lot of red meat, mostly if I eat meat at home it’s ground turkey or chicken breast, but I am aiming for even more meatless days. So if you follow me on Instagram, you may see even more pics of my food (especially the meat-free meals since I want to keep encouraging myself with them, and to start to add variety, not just pasta and veggies), smoothies and fresh baked treats.

Have a recipe you absolutely love, please share – I would love to hear from you! 

Lunch Dessert

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