Marathon-less Monday

My 2018 racing is off to a good start, even if I have only run 2 races.

In January I completed a Half Marathon that I admittedly did not train for – and sub-2ed it. Then last week I ran a 5K in the hilly Washington Heights, also with a time I was happy with (especially with the hills and wind).

I have a page of all my completed and planned 2018 races. A few things you might notice:
1. right now those are all NYRR races
2. there are 10 NYRR races on there, so yes I’m working towards 9+1
3. there is no marathon … yet

So if I complete the races, at least I won’t have to worry about what marathon I will run next year. But this year I’m still not sure – the Lottery Gods have not been kind so far: no Chicago Marathon, no NYC Half and no NYC Marathon. I have some ideas, but haven’t committed to anything specific yet, but I think I’ll do some traveling for a marathon and maybe at least one more Half Marathon (like maybe Rock ‘n’ Roll Vegas).

What does your race calendar look like? Any Halfs or Fulls I should definitely check out before I set the rest of my calendar?

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