Path to 45

I love celebrating birthdays, including mine — sorry, I know, that is a pretty only child thing to say, but I do. I like the idea of every person having their own personal holiday. This year, my birthday is a semi-big one and an actual national holiday, and I had big plans, the universe had other ideas.

While I may be a bit disappointed, I have much to be thankful for, so I will use all my “yogic skills” to focus on that.

As I said, it’s a semi big birthday – 45.

When I turned 40, I had intended to make a list of 50 before 50. I don’t think I even came up with 20 things, and some of the ones that I call to mind I know I haven’t accomplished (yes, looking at you guitar that I have still not learned how to play). So instead of a big list, I am supporting small.

For my birth month, I have committed to myself to do a yoga class every day. Not just what I am teaching – which in this livestream universe I am doing the class with my students, but taking a separate class. #yogaeverydamnday of birth month. I am also committing to a meditation and journal practice.

And here I am on May 6th, unmotivated thanks to this gloomy weather, and writing about doing yoga instead of doing it. But that’s why we write, right – to be accountable. It’s one of the reasons I am writing on the blog again, to be accountable to writing more, sharing more. So let me know what you’d like to see here. What you’d like to know. Aside from yoga and running, I am exploring more writing for lifestyle and skincare – especially for the 40-something. What do you think?

OK, about to hit publish … so guess soon after that, I’d better roll out my mat. Happy Birth Month to me.

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