My Quarantine and Chill Doesn’t Include Yoga Pants

Yes, I’ve seen all the posts and memes about the new WFH uniform of yoga pants. Before this quarantine, I also saw all the posts about the dream of living in yoga pants/leggings. Well, as a full time yoga teacher I can say this isn’t my dream. That is my work uniform. Sure some are more comfortable than others (yes looking at you Athleta and Lulu) but much like you want to get out of your suit or business casual clothes when you’re done with work, as soon as I’m done teaching and I don’t plan on taking a class, I change.

So, this quarantine has been pretty nice for me to not have to wear yoga pants for 12+ hours like I might when I was in-studio teaching because some days I would teach a 6:15am class and might teach until 8:30pm and even if I was home for some of that time how many time was I going to change, and how many outfits could I wear?! Now, bring on the lounge pants. And once this weather finally changes, bring on the shorts.

I love clothes, so while being a full time yoga teacher has limited the variety of clothes styles I “need” for work – I still love cute options. But what have I discovered as my new at home lounge favorite …. satin pants. Not only are they airy and comfortable, it brings a next-level style that I am here for. During a recent online retail therapy session I found myself in the sale section of the Victoria’s Secret site, and saw these beauties – pink tiger print! Are you kidding me, yes please. I envision wearing these through spring and maybe even summer with black tanks, feeling like I’m at a resort, even if I am only on my couch working on yoga classes (and this blog). There is no reason to not be fancy, or feel good. A great way to stay productive when working from home is continue with rituals like getting dressed, keeping a schedule — you know the drill.

So yes, yoga pants can be cute, and sure they are more comfortable than my skinny jeans (which haven’t seen the light of day since February). But off the mat you’ll find me in jumpsuits, matching Lily shorts and top sets and yes of course pink satin lounge pants!

During this quarantine how has your style changed?

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