Silver (Lining) Doesn’t Need to be a Fad

A long time ago, in a world that seems so far away now, I started changing up my jewelry from gold to silver, well really silver everything not just jewelry – and someone very close to me (like someone who I am not socially distancing from, sorry to rat you out, Hon) suggested to me that my new-found love of silver may a fad. It’s now a joke in the house because I do still love silver, although rose gold is also high on the list (I may be typing this on a rose gold laptop).

Now, here we are in a very different reality than we even were let’s say 2 weeks ago, but really 1 week ago as bigger and bigger changes started happening. I am seeing all of these amazing posts about staying positive, but there are times for even the rosiest gold of us when it isn’t easy. There will continue to be frustration, fear and yes maybe even anger.

Being at home to work, eat, play, sleep – can be an adjustment especially if we are highly social creatures. This current reality can then become very unsettling. If we look at the negative, and get angry about one thing and let ourselves ruminate on that, we can start to compound that negativity.

When I lead my students on inner reflection, asking them to scan and look at the spots asking for extra attention, I then direct them to look at the spots that are feeling good. I want to make sure their practice includes positivity (which is also why I ask for that after the negative — to remember that we do have things to be positive about and thankful for. When we can call to mind one thing it should hopefully open the floodgates of gratitude.

Yesterday on my Instagram @tamturse I asked people what 1 positive change or habit they were cultivating in this time of social distancing/WFH. Not only do I appreciate the responses, but much like asking my students to notice what feels good – it is important to see that you can begin to develop some new positive changes.

For me, I am working on my daily meditation practice (I use the Calm app, it’s been a game changer for me). I am also developing an at home workout practice, right now with yoga and some pilates movement. But are these just a fad, when I am released from my pod (sorry I just finished Love is Blind) will I go back to my life of distractions? I hope not. While I want to return to my life of not being socially distant, of connecting to my students in the studios, of building my fitness professional career – I want to also keep these positive changes. All these beautiful posts I see of parents having arts and crafts and game time with their kids, couples having dinner at home together — these are silver linings that will hopefully become the silver (and rose gold) jewelry of our lives.

So time to share, what is your positive while being socially distant – and do you think you can continue it when life begins to resemble “the old days?”

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