When Things Change

And when a headline is the understatement of the decade ….

Hey Friends!

I know, it’s been what seems like a lifetime since I have written here. And it’s not like I haven’t been planning on getting back to this. I’ve had many changes since I last wrote.

This past January, I did a vision boarding workshop which got me to a place that while on a yoga weekend I had time away to think about things that I wanted for me and my career. I made the commitment to dedicate myself to my fit pro life (if you know my story, you know I’m a communications professional in my “past life” including consulting last year). I signed up for a business/career coaching program (thank you Kate, and Manifest Magic). As I started to list out what I wanted to be doing, bringing the blog back was definitely on the list. I am a writer by nature, so this has always been a great outlet.

Of course, right as I start building up my studio classes, which I have been so fortunate to have so many great opportunities and amazing students (I miss you) – life as we know it has made a major change. And that alone is an understatement. Studio classes halted, being out and about halted – no races, no concerts, etc. I beyond understand it, since my last class on Saturday, I haven’t left my home.

It makes you look more at things. I was already shaking things up for me, and I do not want to squander this time by not being focused. I plan to use this time to keep up a work routine (it will just look different now), and continue to build up my professional life – those plans for when things return to something that seems normal (or the new normal). One of those things to jump into is getting back to writing, so hello Mats and Miles my old friend. Not a lot of miles to write about right now, but there was so much I saw for this blog, so you’ll be seeing lots more content, not just on yoga and running.

I have lots of plans for here – but this place is for you too, so what do you want to see, hear about, need? In the meantime, things you will find: my random thoughts, yup, sorry; races I have planned, yes, there is even a separate page for it but I will also be writing about prep and post-race thoughts; books and book reviews, yes I’m a major bookworm and this time in will hopefully get me reading even more; favorite products, yes, from race gear to hand cream recommendations because my hands are begging for help after all this hand washing, and everything in between. OK, you get the idea.

I’m happy to be back, I hope you’re happy to see me. Let’s get through this and come out stronger and better, together.

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