As the season transitions, so do we …

Happy October (aka, spooky season, aka my favorite time of year)!

It’s Spooky Season!

This year has seen changes and transformations like no other, and we should not discount the effect the seasonal change has on us, recognizing that the compounding of it all right now could feel very overwhelming.

If you know me outside of these posts and my classes – you are probably well aware that I love a theme. Someone once pointed out the Turses are known for their theme parties. Truth be told, I like a theme because no one would ever accuse me of being a free-spirit — I like lists, and structure, and order. Great vastness makes me feel overwhelmed – so a theme reigns me in.

I don’t share all of this as a massive Evite to the next themed Turse party (although I can’t wait for the day that we can have parties again). It is because I recognize the need for more grounding in all our lives, especially right now so for the next 7 weeks my classes will offer a theme … The Chakras.

My goal for October into the middle of November (there are 7 chakras after all) is to help you connect with yourself starting by rebuilding your grounding (aka the Root Chakra) and by the time we are just about to the enter the holiday season we will have worked up to a feeling of full connection with ourself and others (thanks to the Crown Chakra). We will be looking at postures that tap into each of the chakras, when there is a meditation in my class I will offer a chakra specific meditation. Each week I will share a post specific to the “chakra of the week” and will be hosting IGLive 10 minute pop-up classes to keep building the connection (and you can then always check those classes out later, and keep coming back to them when that chakra needs a little reset).

See, themes are fun!

Will knowing your chakras and tapping into them fix everything? No. But it will help to give you a sense of control, to recognize things going on, and affect some changes. And it’s fun to learn new things so spend the next 7 weeks with me learning more about the chakras, and yourself!

Here is a link to my class schedule. There will be some updates throughout the month, so be sure to check back. And if you don’t see a class offered at a time that works for you, let me know, I am always looking to add classes to serve you.

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