Taking the Practice hOMe

For years I have said I would like to create a home practice, and add meditation into my life. And it’s sort of happened in fits and starts – but nothing concrete and sustained.

But today, after finishing up some work and wondering what I might want to start on next (after another check of my social media feeds), I was struck with an idea. I was feeling a little antsy, so I decided now was REALLY the time to start a practice. I didn’t have a plan, music, anything – just my space that I made over the summer and hadn’t really used. I looked at the clock and suggested to myself to spend about 20 minutes in some postures and then try a little meditation.

Mat out, I started to move – a light flow with some of my favorite postures, and then a few that I want to start working on (stay tuned for more on this next month). After the flow, I moved to the wall to work on tripod headstand – and then, headstand. I started working my way up without kicking up (I may have at some point a bit, but now I don’t remember) – and while I started using the wall I am so excited to report that I was able to keep my legs away and hold for what felt like a significant amount of time, but of course any amount of time feels that way upside-down, right?! A little cooling, and then it was time to use my meditation cushion and give it a go, without any app guidance.

As I started to settle in – guiding myself through “inhale” and “exhale” I’d say I was present for about a minute or so, then I started thinking about my blog post, and thinking that TGIT was going to be back tonight. I did keep trying to bring myself back to center – but really by the time I got to TGIT (am I more excited about Grey’s or Scandal – I don’t know), I realized that it may be best to stop, appreciate my efforts, and try again at a later date.

I know a yoga practice is not about an end-goal per say (that is what I tell my students), but I feel good about my efforts, and am happy that today is the first day. I am looking forward to building on this solid foundation.

Do you have an at home practice of yoga, meditation or both?

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