Oh Hey 2018!

Hello 2018! Aren’t you looking great.

What, oh yes I know – I haven’t just woken after a very long New Year’s Eve nap – it’s already the 11th, seriously we’re almost 50% done with the 1st month of the year. But to me – this week is the week that it all begins – I was away for the New Year (Paris, NBD) and when I returned I eased myself back into a routine, and then we had some snow, and a snow day, a family celebration of Christmas at my place, etc. etc. (yes I know you get it, I’m busy, because so are you).

That being said, I always intended on this week being my “start” for the year. I still haven’t fully written out my goals and intentions for 2018, but I have certainly been thinking about them. I have even written some down, but this year I am trying some new things (a post on it’s success, failure, or indifference will be coming in the future). I haven’t yet journaled my thoughts on 2017 (yes, major intention, more journaling) which was a pretty epic year, including: a focus on being a FitPro, celebrating my 20th wedding anniversary (in Maui, again NBD – ok it was a big deal and so was Paris, but I’m just trying to play it cool here), losing about 10 pounds (a focus I began for said 20th anniversary, and being MOH in my cousin’s wedding), yes the weight loss was good but more importantly it help me make healthier eating choices which I think ultimately increased my overall fitness so that I could not only complete my 5th marathon, but I crushed my previous PRs (a huge thank you goes out to Lisa and WiO Nutrition). On that note, a future post will also be about trying to maintain, that weight because I’m not going to pretend that all 10 of those pounds are still gone, but I’m in a much better place to get back there. So it was a good year.

And now, I have big plans for 2018, some that I haven’t even thought of yet, but I can feel them brewing in my mind, and ready to appear. This blog – Big Big Plans. The biggest is beginning to honestly stay consistent in my writing. There will be some regular features, and my typical random stuff. I used to have a book blog, so you will start seeing some more lifestyle features here including books – yoga, health and fitness; and also other reviews of what I’m reading (FYI, right now I’ve got a few books going including Fire and FuryManhattan Beach and Deep Listening.) But yes, there will still be lots of running, yoga and fitness posts here, too.

And I want to hear more from you. As I share about me, I want you to share too, and tell me more about what you’d like to see and hear about.

Sound like a plan? I think it does – and I’m excited. Most excited about sharing this journey and year with you. Thanks for being here! Let’s work together to make 2018 the best yet.


New Year’s in Paris

20th Anniversary Vow Renewal in Maui

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